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The IEEEP fair is one of the biggest Electronics and Electrical Engineering Industrial Exhibition in Pakistan, show-casing a large collection of industrial merchandise and service products. Many foreign exhibitors utilize this platform to launch their products in the region. Each year the IEEEP Fair provides greater opportunities for companies, both local and foreign, to pick up the latest trends and gain access to the newest, cutting-edge products in the industry. The fair facilitates companies to engage in joint ventures exchanging technology and information.

International Multi-Topic Symposium

IEEEP Multi-Topic International Symposium is a Hallmark event of the IEEEP Karachi Centre. Successfully happening for the last 38 years with aim of disseminating knowledge by sharing the latest trends in the Industry.

The symposium stands as a beacon of innovation, fostering collaboration among industry experts, researchers, and enthusiasts alike. With each passing year, it evolves into a dynamic platform, embracing emerging technologies and fostering insightful discussions on critical industry challenges.

The Symposium's enduring legacy lies in its commitment to driving progress and contribute in shaping the future landscape of technology and engineering in Pakistan.

All Pakistan IEEEP's Student Seminar

The All Pakistan IEEEP Students’ Seminar epitomizes the IEEEP's steadfast commitment to nurturing budding talent and fostering robust ties between academia and industry. The seminar serves as an esteemed platform where undergraduate students from all over Pakistan showcase their academic endeavors through impactful research presentations. The event is widely attended by students of Electrical, Computer & Software Engineering/Computer Science, Electronics, Biomedical & other ICT-related fields. Beyond a mere showcase, this seminar stands as a catalyst, empowering the next generation of engineers and technologists by bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world applications.

Technical Seminars

IEEEP's technical seminars serve as invaluable gatherings that delve into specialized areas within the realm of engineering and technology. These seminars cater to industry professionals and specialists keen on exploring niche topics, staying abreast of cutting-edge advancements, and engaging in insightful discussions. Renowned experts convene to share their expertise, present on the latest innovations, best practices, and solutions that resonate with the pressing challenges faced by industries today.

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IEEEP Karachi Chapter (KC) Nomination Committee comprising past Chairmen and VPs (South) recently announced the following new office bearers of IEEEP KC for the term 2024-26:

Engr. Muhammad Navid Akram Ansari (Chairman)

Engr. Munis Siddiqui (Vice Chairman)

Engr. Imran Zafar (Hony. Secretary)

Engr. Ahmed Rehan Lutfi (Hony. Joint Secretary)

Engr. Fahad Zeeshan (Hony. Finance Secretary)

Congratulations to the newly appointed office bearers. Your commitment and dedication are truly admirable!

May 8 - May 9 2024

38th IEEEP International Multi-Topic Symposium, 2024

Karachi, Pakistan

Engr. Khalid Pervez

Chairman IEEEP Karachi Centre

37th Multi-Topic Int'l Symposium 2023