About Us

Welcome to IEEEP Karachi Centre!

Thank you for visiting IEEEP Karachi Centre website. Our freshly designed website will help you understand IEEEP Karachi Centre role and activities for the benefit of community.

IEEEP is a non-profit organization established in 1969 with its head office in Lahore, while the Karachi Centre was established in 1979. The institution is run by its members and office bearers in a volunteer capacity. Since around 40 years, Karachi Centre has been actively organizing its events and activities to fulfill its mission and vision. Our members include veteran engineers, senior professionals, fresh graduates and student engineers. IEEEP Karachi center has achieved greater heights with constant induction of new blood who bring diverse experience and knowledge.

Please scroll through our website and know how you can benefit from our activities and/or become part of our team to give back to society with your experience.

What We Do...

In order to fulfil our mission and vision, we conduct two hallmark events every year namely IEEE Fair held at Expo Centre Karachi around Aug-oct and IEEEP Multi-topic International Symposium held at Karachi’s 5-star hotel around Feb-March period.

These two events keep abreast society with newest trends and technology in the industry, the former provides businesses to showcase their commercial products while later give insights into current and upcoming technology trends to the audience. These events provide opportunity to business owners, students, academic professionals, consultants, industrial engineers to network and find relevant connections for their needs. Members who involve in organizing these events get tremendous exposure for personal and professional grooming and get due recognition from institution as well as society.

In addition, there are many other activities conducted including technical seminars and activities under IEEEP center at universities for development of under-graduate engineers. We invite you to become part of the IEEEP KHI team. The registration procedure is easier and quicker now with the online form submission.